7.01 Running It Back in TENET

We?re so excited to be back with the first episode of our 7th season (or is it the 7th episode of our 1st season?) as we talk about Christopher Nolan’s latest thriller, TENET which tells the story of The Protagonist (John David Washington), a time-bending secret agent charged with stopping a futuristic terrorist from destroying the universe.

With the theatrical system in shambles due to the pandemic, TENET was expected to ?save the box office? yet it hasn?t quite lived up to the hype financially. Is it really due to concerns over safety? Or was it merely the wrong film at the wrong time? In this 1on1, we’re thrilled to have back the host of Face2FaceLive.ca David Peck to talk about that issue as well as debate whether or not we think Nolan?s film believes in free will.

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Want to continue to conversation at home?  Click the link below to download ?Fishing for More? ? some small group questions for you to bring to those in your area.

Note: For those interested in the link to Alissa Wilkinson’s Vox article regarding the Sator Square, click here.

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