4.12 The Power of the BLACK PANTHER


As Marvel unleashed?BLACK PANTHER, even they could not have foreseen the incredible impact that the film has had on both the box office and the culture at large! With its lush visuals and healthy portrayal of African-Americans, PANTHER has sparked positive conversations about race and depictions of culture on the big screen. This week, Steve welcomes back Chris Utley and Arnaldo Reyes to talk about the film’s impact and the power telling one’s own story.

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4.12 Black Panther

Thanks Chris and Arnaldo for joining us!

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8 thoughts on “4.12 The Power of the BLACK PANTHER

    1. Haven’t got out to see Panther yet, Spider-Man Homecoming i thought Keaton made the movie over the kid playing Spider-Man
      Personally i like Spider-Man trilogy.. and i dredd the idea of em remaking X MEN

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