TV Screened: Agents of Shield (3.4) – Trust Issues

If you have given up on the show, or have not been watching…you are missing out at what has been the best season so far. Now, many will say that’s not saying much, but if you gave up early on in Season One, I say break out your Netflix, power through those first few episodes and just finish that season. If you don’t want to, then take in everything you know and saw in Captain America: Civil War, and start with Season Two?of Agents of Shield. You won’t believe it’s the same show because it?just gets better and better.

Now, we’ve missed covering two episodes, mainly because I missed them and just caught up (thank you Hulu). So a quick recap of what is going on. Coulson’s team is tracking down new Inhumans. There is a government-led team that is also tracking them down. Then we have Lash, an Inhuman who is out killing others. Oh, and because of Lash, there is one Inhuman (Lincoln) who is on the run. After a few run-ins, Coulson decides to work with the government agency, something that Daisy (formerly known as Skye) does not like. Hunter has set off and recruited the MIA Agent May to go after Ward. Then, there is Agent Simmons. In episode 2, Fitz and the figured out that the monolith is a portal to another world, and in a desperate attempt by a man in love, were able to rescue Agent Simmons and destroy the monolith. Of course, nothing is normal, and in episode 3 we find out that she wants to go back.

Episode 4 really gets off to an exciting start. We are introduced to a familiar Inhuman who is trying to recruit two friends. However, Lash arrives and everything goes south from there. With Daisy and Mack nearby, they go after Lash and leave cleanup for Coulson who eventually calls his new pal Rosalind to help clean up as well. After digging through some leads, the team finds?another Inhuman. This person doesn’t necessarily have a power, as being close to an Inhuman actually hurts him. He is Lash’s go-to person in helping to track down all the inhumans he has killed. How Lash knows is still a mystery, but this is the first big lead they have in catching the monster. Coulson convines Rosalind to let Mack and Daisy tag along in the transferring of this new Inhuman so they can see what this place is, but Lash shows up and eventually kills him. There are two things that stand out in this scene. First, even though?Lash is killing Inhumans, he looks at Daisy but doesn’t attempt to kill her. She’s mostly knocked out and just recovering so she’s vulnerable, yet he takes off. Second, through shadows, we see him transform from monster to a human-like figure. So we are left wondering…who is Lash, and why didn’t he go after Daisy?

On the other side of this episode is Hunter’s attempt to infiltrate Hydra to go after Ward. May is concerned for Hunter so she goes back to Shield to warn Coulson. She runs into her ex, Andrew, and there is some tension but not the sexual kind. Apparently, while trying to rekindle their relationship, he left without an explanation and just disappeared. It’s not the first move you should make with a deadly assasin, but ok. Andrew is definitely lucky to be alive!

Hunter should count his luck as well. He’s in Hydra, and his first mission doesn’t really go as planned. He is thrown in a trunk of a car and brought to a base where weapons he sold to them are getting ready to be used. And of course, Hydra’s new leader happens to be there as well. Hunter is pinned down while Ward is instructing him to give up until May arrives. It’s funny how you can’t really be outgunned with her around, but that leads to a big dilemma. Ward has an ace up his sleeve that puts their mission at an impasse. Hunter disregards it, while May isn’t to fond of Hunter’s decision. It all leads to the final scene, where either tragedy happened, or as some fan theories out there, we are only left to speculate.

As I said before, this episode was jam packed with action, drama, and story that it’s hard to keep a review so simple. But at the core of it all is trust. Four episodes in, and we can tell that the season is going to be built on trust, and relationships gained and lost. Coulson is stuck between a rock and a hard place and his decisions will either bring everyone closer, or drive them all away. It’s a spy organization, they have secrets, but some secrets seem to cut deeper than others. Trust your team, trust those around you. Those closest to you want nothing but the best for you, so trust them with your secrets, and they will trust you with theirs.

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