TIFF17: The Carter Effect

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Directed by Sean Menard, UNINTERRUPTED?s The Carter Effect focuses its lens on the cultural impact of Vince Carter, former NBA all-star and face of the Toronto Raptors franchise from 1998-2004.? While every city has a deep affection for their sports heroes, the relationship between Carter and his adopted home was different.? Nicknamed ?Air Canada, Carter?s natural athleticism and unlimited charisma not only improved his team but helped the city of Toronto get noticed on an international level.? However, after being traded to the New Jersey Nets, Carter became demonized by Toronto fans and media at an almost unprecedented level, leading to years of friction between them.

With The Carter Effect, Menard covers a story that has broad implications for the city of Toronto. ?Wisely, Menard pulls his camera back to focus not only on Carter?s career but the variety of industries that were affected by his presence.? By bringing in voices ranging from global hip-hop icons Drake (famously Torontonian and executive producer) and Kardinal Offishal to local business and night club owners, Menard?s film paints a portrait of a superstar that not only affected the sports scene but helped rebuild a city?s identity. ?For a time, because of Carter?s influence, Toronto became the ?place to be?.? (Drake himself states that, as he travels the world, he ?preaches the gospel that is Toronto?.)

Having grown up in the city during that era, it was interesting to almost relive a period of time where Toronto believed it mattered on a global level, only to have its fragile psyche come crashing down as things grew sour.? It was an astounding period of time where the city of Toronto came to identify itself through, really, a 22-year old youth.? Despite his impact on industry and culture, Menard also reminds the viewer that, ultimately, Carter was a young man who received god-like status while barely out of university.? Through interviews with his mother and former teammates, Carter is depicted as mature but surprised (and even hurt) by the turnaround in public opinion.? In many ways, the film becomes a reminder of the humanity of sports heroes and the flaws of our relationship with celebrity culture.? (After all, given the emphasis of sports as a business, is it really fair for a city to build its identity based on the abilities of one athlete, regardless of his skill?)

In the end, The Carter Effect appears to be more than a glimpse into a moment in Toronto sports history.? Rather, it?s a portrait of a love/hurt relationship between a man and his adopted home.? While the film explores the devastating break-up between Carter and the franchise that he built, it also genuinely extends a hand of gratitude to the player that changed the face of the NBA in Canada.

Thank you, Vince.? And welcome home.

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