The Bob’s Burgers Movie: Flippin’ Hilarious

After many years,?Bob?s Burgers?finally gets a chance to serve up some fun on the big screen.?

Admittedly, it a little bit of a surprise that the film is going to really be released in theaters. As the pandemic bit the box office receipts, Disney has shown its willingness to bump its films from theatrical to streaming. (Sorry Pixar.) So, because of their network connections, it was almost expected that Bob?s Burgers would be sent onto Disney+ for subscribers. However, Disney has shown tremendous confidence in their product and have waited patiently for restrictions to loosen in order for Bob?s Burgers to properly open to the public. 

It seems as though their confidence has paid off. 

To those who are unaware, The Bob?s Burgers Movie (re)introduces the world to Bob Belcher and his family. As the owner of the fast food restaurant Bob?s Burgers, Bob and his wife, Linda works hard to keep their small business afloat. With summer vacation almost here, Bob, Linda and their three kids, Tina, Gene and Louise are shocked to discover an enormous sinkhole blocking the entrance to their establishment. To make matters worse, Louise accidentally discovers a dead body in the hole, unlocking a mystery that threatens to close the business forever. As the danger continues to rise, Bob and his family work together to crack the case and, more importantly, keep the doors to Bob?s Burgers open.

It should be stated that my experience with Bob?s Burgers Is somewhat limited. With only a handful of episodes under my belt and limited knowledge of the series, it?s hard for me to know whether or not this film particularly pays off any fan expectations. However, as a new customer myself, I can tell you that The Bob?s Burgers Movie is delightfully hilarious with a biting sarcasm that makes it worth ordering up. (But, note to parents who aren?t familiar with the series, this is another example of an animated film that?s not targeting little ones with its humour.)

Interestingly, in a lot of films for established series, the film often tries to get bigger in its scope. Long road trips or massive storylines designed to break the characters out of their traditional roles are often the order of the day. (For example, The Simpsons Movie took Homer et all on a trip to Alaska while the entire city was captured by the US Government.) Though Bob?s Burgers keeps it relatively simple. Though the story involves a murder investigation (literally) outside their own front door, the furthest the family travels is down the street. In fact, Bob and Linda are more concerned about their ability to keep their floundering family business up and running than they are any potential suspects.

At its heart, The Bob?s Burgers Movie is ultimately about what it means to lean into our fear. Here, almost every one of the characters are struggling to prove themselves. Whether it?s Tina?s desire to ask out a boy from school, Bob trying to keep his business afloat or Louise?s attempts to show that she?s not a ?baby? (The ?B? Word!), each of these characters have their deepest insecurities exposed. 

But with summer fast approaching, the clock is ticking for them to make their big moves.

Although summer is usually awaited with anticipation, it spells dread for the Belcher family. What should be a time where dreams come true runs head first into a wall of cold, hard reality. Bills to pay, missed opportunities and the challenges of growing up weigh heavily on the Belchers and leave them trapped by their own fear. Though, as their troubles increase, each member of the family is called to lean into their anxiety and find the courage to make things right. 

So, yes. Even if you haven?t been in on the series, The Bob?s Burgers Movie remains deliciously funny with its biting, adult-skewing satire. In fact, I might even go back for seconds.

The Bob?s Burgers Movie is available in theatres on Friday, May 27th, 2022.

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