teenFish#11 – Reading WORDS ON BATHROOM WALLS

Welcome to teenFish, a podcast series that lets teenagers speak about media that matters to them in their own voice. Hosted by Daniel Collins (Infinity Warm-Up), teenFish airs every month and invites local youth to engage the truth and lies of the shows and films that excite them.

Based on the best-selling book, WORDS ON BATHROOM WALLS is a story about mental health, trust and loving others (and yourself). As he enters his senior year of high school, Adam Petrazelli’s (Charlie Plumber) world is turned upside down when he’s diagnosed with severe mental illness. As he struggles to keep his new reality a secret from those around him, he also falls in love with a brilliant classmate who shows him what it means to be honest about who you are. This month, Daniel welcomes Rebecca and (old timer) Steve Norton to talk about struggling with mental health, perspective and loving others.

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