Synchronicity: What Time is It?


In?Synchronicity, super-smart physicist Jim Beale (Chad McKnight) figures out how to achieve time travel – at least as far as flowers like a rare kind of dahlia are concerned. Still, as smart as Beale is with a computer and lab equipment, he’s oblivious to the chink in his armor, Abby (Brianne Davis). Further,?his powerful financial benefactor Klaus Meisner (Michael Ironside) also has plans to take ownership – even credit for – Beale’s work, and he uses Abby to set the scientist up. Can Beale recover his sanity, and his experiment, without messing everything up, one wormhole to another?

Shot in shadowy darkness,?Synchronicity’s?time-bending works to be mind-bending, making us think that we’re not quite sure of what we’re really looking at … because we’re not. Whether your background in time is based on?Primer,?The Butterfly Effect, or?Back to the Future, you know it gets messy when you start transporting yourself – and you know that there are problems when scientists start doing experiments on themselves because it’s unsafe to do them on anything else.

Synchronicity?has some funny moments, and some wildly clever ones that may leave audiences scratching their heads. But for folks who look to be entertained and stretched, this is one that will ask you questions about decisions we would make to keep ourselves alive, how far we would go for love, and what we would do to prove our value in the world that we live in. It’s a film about momentary eternity – and eternal happiness – and its nuances are just about steep enough to make you lose your mind.

Now, if Jim could only figure out what time it is.

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