Solar Opposites: Relaunching into Season Two

Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan, the comedic geniuses behind?Rick and Morty, are back again with the second season of?Solar Opposites. Returning to the journey of the aliens from Shlorp; Korvo, Terry, Yumyulack, and Jesse and their goal of evolving their Pupa to terraform Earth. Similar to the first season, the viewer embarks on the comedic journey of this alien family on the planet Earth surviving and adapting to human culture. As well as trying to survive with each other?s contrasting personalities, Korvo and his replicate, Yumyulack, only want the renewal of their homeworld Shlorp. Korvo and Yumyulack want nothing to do with humans, seeing our species as disgustingly greedy selfish beings. However, Terry and his replicate Jesse begin to relish in America Earth culture as well as having a wholesome outlook on our species, seeing our potential as something greater.

The story and tone of Season Two is very similar to that of Season One. In terms of structure, the A plot features either Korvo and Terry, or the B plot features Yumyulack and Jesse, though sometimes they switch turns. Then, there is the glorious C plot of what people considered the best part of the show: ?The Wall.? The A and B plot featuring the aliens is incredibly creative and fun. Justin Roiland really takes his creative talents from Rick and Morty and puts them to good use on Solar Opposites. Crazy alien designs, technology, made up alien words, and extreme sci-fi action sequences really portrays how ?alien? these aliens are. 

There are some issues that I found with S2 (and still have) with Solar Opposites, in general. Its goal seems to still be relying too heavily on the high-concept sci-fi elements of the show. Though creative, the story itself is much too linear, leading to it being predictable and straightforward. Comparatively, Rick and Morty has high-concept sci-fi elements but also maintains complex characters and plots that are unpredictable and always challenged the viewers expectations and perception of traditional story arcs and narrative. As a result, Solar Opposites feels like a much more laxed version of Rick and Morty, with a lack of plot and sci-fi elements that are not high-concept or creative enough to make up for it. 

Solar Opposites‘?A and B Plot are both C-tier at best. However, Solar Opposites C-plot ?The Wall? is an A-tier story beyond the show itself and deserving of its own standalone story. Jumping straight back into the events ending from S1, the shrunken inhabitants living in Yumyulacks and Jesse?s wall continue to survive and live on in their seemingly post-apocalyptic community. What makes it so great is that, unlike the alien storyline, the wall has a serialized narrative with characters that are three-dimensionally written with realistic personalities, as well as having actual stakes on the line living in the wall. This is a huge contrast from the aliens who all are one-note characters that are boring and predictable.

Another great thing about the Wall is that the scenario and scenery are immersive. Everything from the props and background is in there under the consideration of the inhabitants being tiny. One small example comes through the food in the Wall. Things like berries are massive to them, and having a lack of traditional protein in the wall has caused the people to adapt and use things like mouse milk and the meat of insects. Even something as small as BBQing an ant roast-pig-style really help open up this immersive tiny civilization that they?ve built. Everything from their economy, houses, clothes, and politics is built upon the foundation of their tiny situation. The creativity really contrasts with the alien?s plot. Making the wall story that much better and the alien plot much worse. They really are solar opposites. 😉 I can?t wait to see more of the Wall next season and am far more invested in the ongoing situation happening there than the aliens goofing around.?

Season 2 of?Solar Opposites?picks up with the same vibe and energy of the first season. If you enjoyed S1, then you?ll definitely enjoy season 2. The alien family continues to survive on earth, with some viewers enjoying it more than others. More importantly, the Wall is back and better than ever as it continues to shine and keep me invested into the story. Overall,?Solar Opposites?is still as fun to watch as last season and worth recommending.

Solar Opposites Season Two is streaming on Hulu.

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