SF Kids: The Wolf & The Lion

By Anders (age 11)

The Wolf & The Lion is about a woman named Alma (Molly Kunz) who adopts a wolf and lion cub. When the mother of the wolf cub goes missing, Alma has to take care of them. When they grow up, the lion gets taken to the circus and the wolf goes to a habitat after Alma falls and hurts herself. After the wolf escapes and helps the lion escape, they try to find their way back to Alma.

What I liked about the movie was the beginning when the animals are growing up with Alma. I also liked when the wolf and lion escaped. Those were my favourite parts. I liked that they used real animals. I think it was probably really hard to do everything with the animals because its harder to communicate with them. But they did a really good job making the movie.

In the end, The Wolf & The Lion is a good movie because it gave an important message about animal cruelty. I think the movie was trying to say that animals should not be held captive and should be able to be in the wild, where they want to be. I hope that, after watching the movie, it helps people see how important that is so that they can stop mistreating animals.

To hear my interview with Molly Kunz, click here.

The Wolf & The Lion is available in theatres now.

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