#ROXY: A modern take on an old nose… I mean classic.

A modern take on Cyrano de Bergerac, #Roxy is a movie about Cyrus Nollen (Jake Short), a boy with a big nose who is very tech savvy and feels he can?t be loved because of his physical appearance. He is in love with his best friend, Roxy (Sarah Fisher), one of the more popular girls in school. However, Roxy likes the new boy in school, Christian (Booboo Stewart), the school?s stereotypical ?dumb jock? who likes her as well. After finding out that Christian has feelings for Roxy, Cyrus helps his new friend by using his technological skills to pose as Christian to Roxy. Their plan goes well up until Roxy and Christian meet face to face, where Roxy eventually realizes she has to decide if their relationship will survive.

#Roxy is a fairly enjoyable film that speaks about some modern topics, such as self-image and bullying. Throughout the film, Cyrus wants to confess his feelings for Roxy but is too afraid because of the size of his nose. Self-conscious about the way he looks, Cyrus feels like his nose is what is blocking him from finding love. His cousin, Bronwyn, keeps trying to tell him that ?girls don?t care? about his nose, but he continues to put up a wall of doubt. In doing so, the film reminds us that, if someone you like judges you based on your physical appearance then it wasn?t meant to be. Your true partner will love you for who you are on the inside.

Another important topic within the film is its exploration of bullying. Although almost everyone in the school is too afraid to speak about Cyrus? nose, the football team uses his nose to bully and make fun of him, not caring what he will do in return. At one point in the film, Cyrus is mocked in the library because of his appearance. However, instead of cowering, he uses different book genres to make even more j0kes about his own nose. Here, Cyrus turns the table on his attackers and takes the power back for himself. Moments like this serve as a reminder that, the more one can accept their flaws, the less chance others have to bully you.

At the beginning, #Roxy is an entertaining film and draws you in fairly quickly. Although the story and dialogue do become more confusing as it goes on, there are some positive lessons to be learned, especially for today?s teens.

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