Rock Dog: Pursuing the Dream

Tibetan mastiff Bodi (Luke Wilson) has a strange encounter with music that changes his life when a radio falls from the sky into his village on Snow Mountain. Turning his back on his father’s (J.K. Simmons) desires for his life as the next guard of the village, he pursues rock god Angus Scattergood (Eddie Izzard) as his first great adventure. Will he forever lose his father’s love or fall victim to the evil machinations of Linnux (Lewis Black) and his gangster grey wolves?

Music is a big deal here, thanks to Bodi’s love of the guitar and his interest in the band that highlights Darma the fox (Mae Whitman), along with with the goat drummer Germur (Jorge Garcia). But while the music might be what gives Bodi life, he’s going to need some help and goodness to fight off Linnux and the wolves, and save his village.

While the story has a bit of?Kung Fu Panda-meets-Shaun of the Sheep, the animation is solid and the characters have some engaging moments. Ultimately, family, purpose, and following your dream get the final word, with music and animation at the center stage of the special features, too.

Lionsgate’s special features include??Finding the Fire: The Making of Rock Dog?, ?Mic Check: Casting the Voices?,?A Rockin? New World: Animating Rock Dog?, ?Rock Dog and Roll: Exploring the Music”, and the ?Glorious? music video.

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