Open Season 4: Scared Silly!

openBoog the Bear and Elliott the Moose are up to their usual hijinks in the fourth (and final) film in the?Open Season?series of animated adventures about forrest animals. Five years after?Open Season 3 debuted, Sony unveiled a comedy/ghost story in the vein of a?Scooby Doo episode. Just like its canine companion,?Scared Silly?will make you laugh, whether you’re an adult or a kid!

After Elliott tells the story of the Wailing Wampus Werewolf, Boog says he isn’t going on the annual camping trip – he is too scared of what might happen. When Elliott decides that he (and several of their other furry friends) will cure Boog of being scared, it coincides with the re-emergence of the maniacal hunter, Shaw. Of course, everything could go wrong (and does) before the friends work it all out to live happily ever after.

While there are plenty of cartoons out there to choose from, the?Open Season?series has always been pretty funny to me. Now that there’s the added benefit of encouraging kids (and adults) to face their fears and recognize their power, it’s a must-see film for me. The fact that it also revolves around two forrest creatures and their motley assorted friends getting along reminds me of?Shrek, just another reminder of the way that everything moves better when we recognize others’ talents and work together.

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