Ma Blu-ray Giveaway

Want to win a copy of Universal’s Ma on Blu-ray?

“A lonely middle-aged woman befriends some teenagers and decides to let them party in the basement of her home. But there are some house rules: One of the kids has to stay sober, don’t curse, and never go upstairs. They must also refer to her as Ma. But as Ma’s hospitality starts to curdle into obsession, what began as a teenage dream turns into a terrorizing nightmare, and Ma’s place goes from the best place in town to the worst place on Earth.”

Enter your favorite Octavia Spencer film below!

14 thoughts on “Ma Blu-ray Giveaway

  1. I think my favorite film of hers has gotta be Snowpiercer. It’s a bleak, cold, unforgiving tale, but Spencer does a great job of bringing a level of humanity to the story.

  2. My favorite Octavia Spencer film so far that I’ve seen is The Help (2011). Also, I wanted to see Ma when it was showing in theaters, but me and my wife was in the midst of having to move and so I didn’t get the chance to see it. I would love to be able to win a copy of the film to enjoy. Thanks for the chance.

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