Longmire – The Complete Fifth Season: The One Where Walt Loses Everything

Longmire?started out as a wildly entertaining exploration of the Western culture in 2017, like a throwback to yesteryear. It was dark, witty, and ingrained in an understanding of family and social dynamics that underscored the changes in culture. Five seasons later, the show has grown darker, tougher, and more shocking than it seemed possible from its beginnings on A&E.

With Netflix’s release of the fifth season, the audience can discover (or reconsider) the dark spiral of Walt Longmire’s (Robert Taylor) service as Absaroka County’s elected sheriff. Even with his familial crew of deputies Vic (Katee Sackhoff) and Ferg (Adam Bartley), daughter Cady (Cassidy Freeman), and best friend Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips), the deck seems stacked against him.

Given that Walt has already lost his wife, the fractures to his relationships with several of his inner circle and girlfriend Donna (Aly Walker) are intensified by the actions of those opposed to him in his capacity as sheriff. Whether it’s corrupt Cherokee officials who show up in different versions of an evil brand or white businessmen who want to run over the people and land who are in their way, Longmire is up to his neck with trouble, even without various legal accusations being raised against him.

Walt has already lost his wife, but in the fifth (and penultimate) season, he stands to lose everything else. This is Job at the end of his rope.

Longmire: The Complete Fifth Season is now available on DVD to own.

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