Longing: Rebuilding What Was Lost

Longing is a beautifully crafted film that delves deeply into themes of loss, redemption, and the intricate web of familial bonds. The story revolves around Daniel, a wealthy man in his 60s, whose solitary life takes an unexpected turn when a long-time ex-girlfriend reappears. Unknown to Daniel, she had his son, Allen, and she only re-emerged to break the news that he had recently passed away in an accident at the age of 19. This revelation propels Daniel into an emotional journey of discovery and self-reflection.

Longing explores several profound themes. At its core, it is a meditation on the human need for connection and understanding. Daniel’s quest to learn about his son also becomes a journey to find meaning in his own life as he attempts to make up for lost time, and heal old wounds. The film explores the theme of legacy as well, reflecting on what we leave behind and how we are remembered. Through Allen’s music and relationships, Daniel reconnects with a part of himself that he has long ignored. For example, Daniel makes a touching connection with Allen after finding out that he has a similar skill for playing the piano. He also learns of the darker and more troubled sides of Allen’s life, such as his obsessive infatuation with a teacher.

Despite the bad things that his son has done while alive, Daniel is adamant about speaking well about Allen, emphasizing his enduring need for a close family bond. After leading a lonely existence, Daniel’s unexpected chance to connect with Allen—even if it’s after his death—is presented as an opportunity for healing. Daniel tries to close the distance between them by highlighting Allen’s abilities and potential and forging a bond based on their shared love of music.

This positive outlook is contrasted with Daniel’s own painful relationship with his abusive father. Despite the abuse, Daniel treats his father with respect, revealing his complex feelings about family and forgiveness. This dynamic suggests that Daniel’s positive view of Allen may be a way for him to break free from the cycle of neglect and create a narrative where love and admiration can prevail over pain and disappointment.

Overall, Longing delves deeply into the ways in which we try to make connections with loved ones who have passed away and the long-lasting impact of our history. Daniel travels a heartbreaking yet inspiring road of self-acceptance, which makes Longing an extremely moving film.

Longing is in theatres on Friday, June 7th, 2024.

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