LEGO DC Superheroes – The Flash: Fighting in Reverse

No one believes the Flash when he tells them that there’s a superfast guy who is causing him to relive days like he’s Bill Murray. That is, until he (well, James Arnold Taylor’s voice) realizes that Zatanna (Kate Micucci) and Doctor Fate (Kevin Michael Richardson) can direct him in the right… time… with some magical help.

Along the way, Flash meets some super animals (as Green Lanterns or super pets) and The Atom. That’s in addition to the ‘normal’ characters, that is, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and some lesser-known LEGO heroes like Firestorm and Plastic Man. But it’s still up to Flash to get to the bottom of what Reverse-Flash is up to, and save the day. Even if Richardson’s throaty voice?does?steal every scene it’s in.

This is mostly LEGO hero fun, but it’s also a reminder of the way that we’re tempted and challenged by things we can’t see – or that other people don’t recognize as dangerous. Whether it’s greed or porn or jealousy, there are forces out there that trip us (and others) up, and we have to be uber-vigilant to be able to stand against those temptations.

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