LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Justice League: Cosmic Clash

cosmic clash

In the latest direct-to-DVD Lego DC film, the Justice League battles Brainaic’s evil plan to miniaturize and catalogue Earth (and all other societies). Thanks to the brave efforts of superheroes (some of which you’ve never heard of before), kids and adults will delight as his plot is thwarted. Just don’t be surprised if someone from the obvious name department plays a major role in the outcome. (<cough>Batman <cough>)

Simply put, this funny mashup of Legos and DC superheroes continues to prove that DC can do funny on the small screen (even if Marvel has cashed in at the box office). Whether it’s solely because?The LEGO Movie?blew the doors off or not, these films based on Lego versions of the superheroes are definitely hits in my house.

And I’m not just talking about my kids.

The amazing thing is that Lego continues to re-establish what combinations work–and in a G-rated world allow for violence and world domination–in a way that expands the imagination of the possible. Isn’t that what Lego is all about?

It helps that these straight-to-video films are both funny and true to the superhero canon. (In fact, I’ve seen some of this particular storyline play out in the comics before.) For fans who’ve never read up on Brainiac, this may be new. For my household, Brainaic was definitely a villain worth cheering against.

Grab this one off the shelf – and then go see if you can build the world that they’ve depicted!

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