Keanu: It’s All About the Cat

This image released by Warner Bros. Entertainment shows Keegan-Michael Key, left, and Jordan Peele in a scene from "Keanu." (Steve Dietl/Warner Bros. Entertainment via AP)

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are their own brand of humor, but in?Keanu, they take their act to a place where even the real Keanu Reeves has never gone before: they make a comedy about a missing cat.

Ridiculous, hilarious, and filled with other funny people (Will Forte, Luiz Guzman, Anna Faris), the film follows the two as they come into possession of a dead drug dealer’s cat which Peele’s Rell nicknames Keanu. There’s a bit of mistaken identity, a whole lot of drugs, Nia Long, and the incredible power of the cat.

Directed by their?Key & Peele?director, Peter Atencio, the real-life Key and Peele seem to be having a blast, riffing on drug movies, action films, and a little actor named Keanu himself. Along the way, the audience will have fun as well – and probably find itself never looking the same way at a stray kitten again.


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