Jurassic World Lands @ NYCC!

nickrobinsongatesNick Robinson, who plays one of the ‘kids’ trapped in?Jurassic World’s?fantasyland when all hell breaks loose, opened the gates for fans to walk through the gates at New York Comic Con earlier today.


nickrobinsonFans at the Comic Con were able to walk through the gateway and have their pictures taken with Robinson. A few of them even had the chance to get a scare from a life-size Velociraptor, straight from Universal Orlando?s Islands of Adventure theme park. [Thankfully, they didn’t have to outrun the nine-foot-tall killing machine that can top speeds of sixty miles per hour!]


In the latest installment, velociraptor trainer Owen (Chris Pratt) and park operation manager Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) are the only ones who have a chance to save Claire’s nephews and stop dinosaur annihilation… of humans … on Isla Nubar. Anyone who has seen any of the previous films knows that there will be blood, humor, and the occasional mauling.


The fourth Jurassic Park?film will debut on Blu-ray and DVD in two weeks on October 20, but fans can catch it at home or on portable devices on Digital HD today.

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