Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul: Reality and Receipts

?Honk For Jesus, Save Your Soul? is a 1 hour 43 minute movie.

It took my wife and I 2 hours plus to watch it.

Because we kept pausing. And screaming. And yelling at the TV. And laughing uncontrollably. And cringing. And struggling to keep from crying. And feeling angry. And feeling hurt. And seeing flashbacks. 


Flashbacks to all the faces. All the conversations. All the ?deep theological insights.? All the counseling sessions. (Almost) all the senior pastors. (Almost) all the young pastors and their soft spoken wives. 

And the bling. And the competion. 

And ourselves. 

To my kinsmen of color, You Will Know. 

When you see Sterling K Brown?s pulpit declarations, you will know. 

When you see Regina Hall?s unspoken monologues written all over her face, you will know. 

When you discover the big plot twist (which was hiding in plain sight), you will know. 

When the credits roll, you will have known all 1 hour 43 minutes of that story. 

Because WE have lived that life. 

They will say it?s a mockery of the church. They will dismiss it as worldly and carnal and call out ?demonic? Hollywood cashing in the expense of the people of GAWD!

And you will know that they are lying their asses off. Because you know. And I know.

We all know. 

Let the receipts go cashing in. 

Let the toxicity be revealed. 

Let the truth be told. 

Because we all know.

Special features on the Blu-ray:

An alternate Opening for a different setting the stage; deleted scenes – “Showtime,” “Skate Rink,”
“Childs in the Attic,” “Trinitie in the Bath,” “Highway Pedestrian Guy,” “Trinitie Bringing Food,” “Trinitie Praying Over Lee-Curtis in Bed,” “Trinitie Sees Sidewalk Woman Again,” “Anita Speaks”, and a gag reel of outtakes.

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