Geostorm: Who Controls the World, Anyway?

In Geostorm,?Clive Butler stars as Jake Lawson, the architect behind a revolutionary process that controls the weather via satellite called “Dutch Boy.” Thanks to an opening voiceover by Lawson’s daughter, we know that weather is out of control but that Lawson’s Dutch Boy has saved millions of lives. But with any technology, there’s plenty of room for human error…

Lawson is relieved of his duties aboard the space station responsible for controlling the program when he mouths off at a Senate oversight committee for too long; his brother, Max (Jim Sturgess), is put in charge of the program but keeps Jake up-to-speed with developments happening around the world, like a frozen village in Afghanistan and a firestorm in Hong Kong. Max is soon calling Jake in as a consulting investigator, under the supervision of Max’s immediate supervisor, Secretary of State Dekkom (Ed Harris), and his supervisor, President Palma (Andy Garcia). The investigation leads to a study of space station, and ultimately uncovers that a plot exists, intent on wreaking havoc around the world.

While this is potentially ‘just’ a fun lark about natural disasters and the heroes who stop them, it has some capable discussion questions to ask, like its predecessors (The Day After Tomorrow,?Armageddon). What are we really in control of? What do we understand about the world we live in? Where does our justification come for our sense of dominance as a species, as a people? From a Judeo-Christian perspective, we must ask ourselves what it means to be given ‘dominion’ over creation, and what it means to be a steward of God’s good work.

Special features on the Warner Bros. Blu-ray include “Search for Answers,” as the writer/director looks back at how the film came to be; “An International Event,” which shows the way that the international cast and crew made the film possible; and “Wreaking Havoc” shows the natural disasters of the film were displayed using technology and visuals.?

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