Alita: Battle Angel – The Eyes of the Soul

Let’s be honest, the average moviegoer probably has no interest Alita: Battle Angel… and I was one of them, when the first trailer dropped.
From the beginning, the CGI wasn’t working for me and?I wasn’t sold visually on the anime-style eyes. Then, a few months ago, more trailers came out and my interest was peaked. James Cameron seems to have a way of giving us films that we may not think will work, yet end up doing so. So how does this manga series turned film actually hold up? Surprisingly, really well.
The year is 2563, and the times are apocalyptic. When Dr. Dyson Ido (Christopher Waltz), a Cyborg scientist, discovers the remains of young teenage cyborg, he takes her home and gives her a new body and a name. Little does Dr. Ido know that this discovery would change his world (and that of others) in a time where change, redemption and love are sorely needed.
Alita has a pinnochio feel to it but in a ‘cybernetic action film’ kind of way. Alita isn’t making the wrong friends but trying to discover who she used to be and who she chooses to be. Along the way, she finds that she’s more human than anyone else around her. This is what makes the film truly unique. Ironically, while most of the conversation before the film’s release conceded its use of CGI in her eyes, it’s actually in those eyes that we discover more.
There is a lot of heart in this film, and I think that’s why the story mixed with the visuals works well. In Alita, she’s more than just a cyborg. Through her we have a film where love conquers fear. Where love mends a broken heart. We find that love redeems even the greatest of sins. Alita teaches us that our upbringing does not and should not define who we are. We see that our own power is controlled by our choices. And again, that love conquers all. 1 Corinthians 13 teaches us this very lesson. We can have so much, but if we don’t have love, we have nothing. We try to seek it in all the wrong places, but sometimes, it is the most unexpected chance encounter that brings us back to love and we discover true happiness.
Alita is a film that may surprise you. It’s not only a fun flick, but also one with a lot of heart and character. Though the ending leaves much to be desired as I don’t like endings that are built for a sequel, I recommend the film. It’s a pleasant surprise and well worth it.
Alita: Battle Angel is in theatres now.

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