Every Other Holiday: When Grace Breaks In

Every Other Holiday tells the story of Tracie (Schuyler Fisk) and Rick (David Clayton Rogers), recently separated parents who spend every other holiday with their young daughters, Harper and Ava. However, this Christmas, the girls want desperately to spend Christmas with both Mom and Dad together at Tracie?s family farmhouse. Though the reunion is temporary, it proves to be a challenge for Tracie and Rick, who must face their past in the present. Still, could this Christmas help rekindle what was last between them and potentially make their daughters? greatest wish come true?

As another entry in the legacy of Lifetime Original Christmas films, Every Other Holiday?is one of the more charming entries into the genre. Stars Fisk and Rogers have genuine chemistry together that brings the story to life. In addition, supporting roles from Dee Wallace and Glenn Morshower provide the necessary grounding and humour that is necessary to keep the film moving as well. (In fact, for this fun, light-hearted film, there is little doubt that the entire cast were enjoying themselves throughout the process.)

One of the most endearing qualities of Every Other Holiday?is its interest in looking at what it means to give others a second chance. As Tracie and Rick begin to rekindle their relationship, questions remain as to whether or not things can be different should they begin again. Can something new be born out of the same two people? Despite their history, Tracie and Rick must decide whether their past cancels out their future today. As such, Every Other Holiday?shows that the nature of grace requires accepting people as they are but also committing to do what you can to fix that which is broken. What?s more, there is also an important conversation about what it means to know and value who you are.

Still, the real strength of this particular entry into the Lifetime Christmas canon lies in its light-hearted tone and palpable chemistry between the cast. After the Thanksgiving dinner has been served, Every Other Holiday?proves to be enjoyable dessert that the family can consume.

For audio of our interview with star Schulyer Fisk, click here.

Every Other Holiday?airs on Lifetime at 10pm on Friday, November 23rd, 2018.

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