Steve Norton

Steve Norton is a pastor, hubby, and daddy (x2). I am a dedicated Jesus follower who looks for new ways to bring God glory and I have a ridiculous passion for film. It's one of my distinct interests to explore the connection between the two as well. Over the last 5 years, I've been proud to be a writer for Hollywood Jesus, Love Is Moving magazine and now, I have the privilege to help create! #forHisglory


“Knowledge is the new Scripture.” Equals takes place in the future where scientific and technological advancement have become the new gods of the age. Through advancements in genetic modification, humanity has been forbidden from experiencing emotions, physical touch and — gasp! — sex in order to increase productivity. People like Silas (Nicholas Hoult) and Nia…

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Believe the hype. Since it’s debut at Cannes several months ago,?Canadian?filmmaker Denis Villeneuve’s latest film, Sicario, has garnered a great deal of buzz. ?If you haven’t heard of Villeneuve, you will. ?He’s quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s brightest directors, having broken through with intense dramas like Prisoners?and Enemy. ?(He’s also been chosen to direct the…

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The Stories We Share

It’s a scenario that we’ve all likely experienced?at one point or another. It’s Friday night. ?There’s a movie out that you really want to see–but everyone is busy. ?Oh, you could go to the theatre by yourself and take it in. ?I mean, it’s the same movie after all. ?Still, something feels… off. The truth…

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