What Non-Christians Get Right; Suicide Squad; Green Knight; Ted Lasso


Is Christianity “metaphorically true, but literally false?”

In this episode of the Your Sunday Drive podcast, we look at recent critiques of (and hopes for) the faith from non-Christian “new pragmatists” such as Jordan Peterson, Bret Weinstein, Tom Holland and Douglas Murray. Along the way we discover some things non-Christians get right, some things they get wrong, and ask how the church can be faithful to its message, but still relevant in a changing culture.

We also chat about our current pop culture faves, including Ted Lasso, The Suicide Squad and The Green Knight. These are all good, btw, and you should watch them all, btw, but for different reasons?..

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Come along for Your Sunday Drive – quick conversation about current events, politics, pop culture and more, from the perspective of a couple of guys trying to follow Jesus.

Hosts: Matt Hill and Nate Polzin. Presented by the Church in Drive of Saginaw, MI, as often as possible. Please visit churchindrive.com and facebook.com/thechurchindrive

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