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Charles & Andy Stanley; Loving Pop Culture (Correctly)

Influential pastor and author Dr. Charles Stanley has passed away. His son, Andy Stanley, is an influential – and often controversial – figure in his own right. In this new episode of the Your Sunday Drive podcast, we reflect on Dr. Stanley’s life and discuss Andy Stanley, asking questions about nepotism and legacy, faith heroes and the related dangers, and more along the way.

Then we share some current pop culture faves: The Super Mario Bros. Movie, The Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, the Resident Evil 4 remake, HBO’s Succession, Netflix’s Beef, Stanley Kubrick. Ending with a rant involving the book of Romans, The Color Purple and loving pop culture (correctly).

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Conspiracies Vindicated! Friends Reunion

What happens when a “conspiracy” is vindicated? In this episode of the Your Sunday Drive podcast, we take a look at the Wuhan coronavirus lab leak hypothesis and its fascinating transformation from shunned conspiracy to legitimate possibility over the course of the past year. Along the way we discuss other conspiracies that have turned out…

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