We’re Giving Thanks for You (and 6 Other Things)

Out of Africa

Out of AfricaOnce a year, people in America gather around tables laden with food and spend time sharing what they?re thankful for. Of course, we should be thankful for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, sustenance, shelter, clothing, and much more.

Although we at ScreenFish don?t celebrate Thanksgiving on the same day (we have a resident Canadian on staff who celebrated on October 12), we?re quite thankful as well.? Here are a few of these things, in no particular order:

* Movies ? We find film to be not only a wonderful distraction from the hustle and bustle of life, but a fantastic way to share life lessons and relate them to the truths of Christianity.? Movies should not be shied away from, but rather embraced, viewed, considered, and discussed among those we come into contact with daily. Perhaps that scene in Mad Max: Fury Road brought to mind something about taking a stand or working together and is worth a talking about with someone while in line for overpriced coffee.

* Television ? Yes, people watch TV for more than football games and various music award shows. There are a number of series that are worthy of discussion in the same vein as the latest film.? The added bonus involves the ability to spend more time watching the characters transform.

* Streaming Platforms ? Some of the best material coming out of Hollywood never makes it to the theater or a major network. Instead, it resides on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. Give the series Daredevil a try and see if you agree.

* Actors and Actresses ? We are blessed to have access to many of the characters in the films and shows you enjoy (even if it?s only for five minutes).? These opportunities allow us to get a deeper glimpse into both the character and the person playing a particular role. As an example, there was a recent article about Billy Zabka (the villain in The Karate Kid) speaking out against bullying.? We knew about this earlier in the year when we talked with him as part of a roundtable interview for Where Hope Grows, a staunchly anti-bullying film featuring an actor with Down?s Syndrome.

* Public Relations Folks ? These guys and gals are the unsung heroes for people in the entertainment industry. They set up interviews, send out promotional materials, and even provide time to talk one-on-one with the actors and actresses.

* Faith ? Without Christ, all of our efforts in sharing articles and podcasts with you inevitably fall flat. After all, there are thousands of other sources people can get their reviews from, but only a few that tie the Christian faith into what is broadcast.? We at ScreenFish also seek to provide tangible ways for you to put what you see on the screen into action on a daily basis.

* You ? When we started the site six months ago, we had no real idea who would be interested in such an idea?intertwining faith and film. We?ve learned that there?s quite an appetite (yes, a food reference!) for it in the world and are seeing it as people read, consider, and share our articles with others.? We are incredibly thankful for you.

As we continue on this journey, we pray that God would use something on the site?anything, really?to help you consider His truths and how to make them relevant in a society that seems to be reinventing itself on a daily basis. We?re not going to give up on relating faith and film to life?and we hope you?ll do the same.

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