WandaVision Episode 7: “Would You Rather Be Feared or Loved?”

I?ll keep this short and sweet. 

I haven?t had a show that has kept me in a perpetual state of ?what the heck is going on and what the heck will happen? since season 5 of?Bones the way?WandaVision?has. (To be fair, that’s actually the last season I watched ? another story for another day.) Most of my conversations over the weekend involved episode 7: ?Breaking the Fourth Wall,? and, if they didn?t, I was googling #allthethings.

Friday?s format was my favorite yet. The show’s use of The Office and Parks and Rec interview style and direct character-to-audience engagement was hilarious. Kat Dennings? Darcy Lewis gets funnier by the minute, and I squealed at those scenes with Monica. Of course, the ending blew me away (I?m still humming the tune), and be sure to stay tuned during those credits as the powers that be finally pulled a classic MCU move with a bonus scene. There was just so much to watch.

And so I ask one question: if you aren?t tuning in to WandaVision, just what are you doing?

While it?s no secret that this is leading up to the next phase of movies, there is still so much to enjoy on its own merit. Elizabeth Olsen?s acting is phenomenal, especially when Wanda?s control is slipping and sliding. Her comedic delivery in this most recent episode is just one more example of Olsen?s ownership of this character and personifying the depth of complication and humanity that is within Wanda?s psyche. So often we talk about what she is doing to others and her motivations, but these past two weeks especially have shown us the toll it?s having on?her.

Now we know that she isn?t the only player involved, but it’s her relatability that makes her such a powerful character for me. We?ve talked a lot about her losses and grief and just how powerful she is, but something I don?t think we talk about is how normal Wanda can be. No matter how or why she is in Westview, at her core she just wants a happy life. She loves Vision. She loves her boys. She?s stressed and tired from being on her guard 24/7. Super human or not, she just wants peace.?

As we fly forward into the final two episodes that are sure to be even more riveting than the ones we?ve seen so far, I?m hopeful we remember this side of Wanda. I don?t think she wants to be feared. I think she just wants to be loved.

WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+

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