Virtual Cinema – Watching New Indie Films at Home

Independent and foreign films can often be hard to find unless you live in a big city or college town that has an art house. But with theaters closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are lots of new indie films that are available for streaming.

Distributers and art houses have teamed up to release independent films that were slated to be in theaters. Instead of having to track down where you can see such smaller films, now they will come to your computer. The films rent for $10-12. The rental fee goes to help the local cinema that has been closed for the pandemic.

My local art house is the Laemmle chain, which currently has 32 titles to choose from. But there is probably a theater near you that you can go to their website and find a list of films either available now or coming soon. (In fact, the Laemmle page people who aren?t in the area from using their site to rent the films. There is a place to help you locate a closer theater for you to help support.)

C?mon. You know you?ve seen just about everything that interests you on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Why don?t you expand your horizon? Take in some of those quirky films! Visit another country without leaving your house! Become an indie film aficionado! Now is your chance.

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