TIFF ’22: Hunt

Written and directed by Lee Jung-jae (who also stars in it, alongside Jung Woo-sung), Hunt follows government agents in South Korea as they try to find a mole in their organisation amidst tensions with the North in the 1980s. The film takes us on a ride, as every new piece of information we learn just leaves us asking more questions.

I?love?this film. I don?t even consider myself an action fan, but I was smiling so hard at how action packed it was. It also had a nostalgic look (she says, even though she was born in the 90s). The shots and movements of the camera made me believe I was in 1980s Korea, thrown right into the middle of a mission. I?m not sure how else to describe that and hope it makes sense if you?ve seen the film, but all this to say, I loved every minute of it.

Something that I noticed with Hunt was that it was careful not to make enemies of any ?side?. Instead, it focuses in highlighting the problems of creating wars because of differing ideologies. It also shows that even though people are on the same side, they don?t always have the same motivations or share the same beliefs. And that people who are fighting on opposing sides usually have motivations for doing what they do, motivations that reflect how much more similar they are than their antagonists allows them to see. Lee Jung-jae, who graced us with his presence at the screening that I was at, mentioned that he wanted this film to encourage us to listen to each other and that this can create a better future for the next generation.

It’s helpful to bring that into our lives, especially during polarizing times.

Hunt premiered at TIFF ’22. For more information, click here.

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