The Water Brothers: Diving Deep into Canadian Soil

Created and starring Alex and Tyler Mifflin, The Water Brothers return with another season that leans into the truths about water and the way that we sabotage our environment’s health. As they explore all corners of the environment, the duo focus on our relationship to water, investigating the problems of our eco-system and what we can do to help.

In the previous seasons, the series has emphasized tales of water from all around the world. Though, as they began to talk about returning for new episodes, the Brothers found themselves affected (like the rest of us) by the global pandemic. Suddenly, travel became an issue and the series needed to alter its focus. Nevertheless, even with the restrictions placed upon them, it also opened the door for the duo to explore Ontario’s own ecosystem in detail. Whereas they were used to travelling the world, this created an opportunity to explore and focus on their homeland. 

And the results are fascinating. 

In Season Five, the series has never felt more Canadian. Revealing the truth it’s about our homeland in surprising ways, The Water Brothers takes its subject matter and gives it an epic scale. Stunning drone shots and an emphasis on different aspects of the province help this season to still have that globetrotting feel, even if they never leave the Ontario borders. Conversations about beluga whales in the north and the (literally) world’s oldest supply of fresh water feel like natural phenomenon that should occur somewhere else. 

For those of us who live on Canadian soil, we are simply not used to thinking about the true diversity of our homeland and the wonders that take place under our nose. In this way, Season Five becomes surprisingly eye-opening as it delves into areas of the province that many of us who live in the urban centres have never traveled. This way, the series has an added element of discovery that should appeal to Canadians of all ages. Suddenly, these Brothers are showing us things about ourselves that we never knew about. 

However, this is not only a series for those in the Great White North. While Water Brothers may emphasize Canadian environments, its conversations surrounding, biodiversity and responsibility apply to everyone. In-depth studies regarding our relationship to water supplies and carbon within the peet lands help the viewer to further understand the sorts of changes that need to take place in order to create a healthier environment. Thankfully, the Brothers give practical advice that extend beyond the “do better“ mentality. This is a series that wants to see people make real change, and tell us exactly what they need to do for that to happen. 

Fun and educational, The Water Brothers remain one of the more entertaining and informative docu-series on Canadian television. But, admittedly, the greatest joy I found with the new season was the way that it changed the way that I see my own homeland. By opening my eyes to the biodiversity on my own doorstep, these Brothers have somehow made me more passionate about making better decisions to keep thing healthy.

The Water Brothers airs on Thursdays on TVO and is available to stream on

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