The Fishing Hole: A Heartbreaking Avengers: Endgame Poster

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Arnaldo R. – Can a picture be any more heartbreaking?

(Cue Avengers poster)

Jacob S. – What is that?

Steve N. – Endgame Poster

AR: Avengers Endgame poster by Boss Logic

Looks like Hawkeye’s farm

So safe to say/assume….Hawkeyes family turned to dust

SN: I give them full credit for creating a cultural zeitgeist with that final battle. (Not sure if everyone in here has seen it yet.)

Heather J. – That is heart wrenching.

SN: (thumbs up)

Chris U. – Oh…my?****

That poster broke me

AR: Yup

SN: I?m so heartless, I laughed


I man it?s a beautifully sad poster. And the moment is poignant.

But we all know they?re coming back

CU: We don?t know HOW

AR: We all know Jesus is coming back and rejoice in it…. his death still is heartbreaking

SN: Agree

CU: And messing with us in our grief and suspense like this is brilliantly and horrible at the same time

@AR – For the win

SN: Oh yeah it?s great marketing

AR: (Pitch perfect ?BOOM? GIF)

SN: Bah. You Jesus? ?it

HJ: Y?all.

SN: He already resurrected

HJ: And he did it so well

SN: He isn?t dead

JS: It?s a poster.? I?m wife @SN

AR: (Moana ?Huh?? GIF)

JS: I own most of the graphic novel events from the last twenty years. With the exception of Old Man Logan, they all come back.

CU: AR?s Jesus analogy was better than your BvS one

JS: Cap, Batman, Superman.

ha! Jesus is Superman. But whatever.

Now when Arnaldo shares that on the site or on FB, I’ll be impressed

SN:?Two things:

CU: Uh oh

HJ:?Dun dun duuuuun

SN:?1) Though the film is infinitely better (pun intended), you can?t even compare the reckoning to Supes? death for theology. Lol

2) and this is really just a question, tbh

JS:?(technically it’s a sentence or sentence fragment but go ahead)

AR:?Who compared Supes weak death tho?

SN: Arnaldo, you said it was better than my BvS analogy. That was my BvS analogy. Lol

AR:?I did not say that…Chris did lol

JS:?Actually, Christopher said that.

CU:?I SAID Arnaldo?s comment was better

SN:?Haha okay. I stand corrected

AR:?I simply pointed out that although we know they come back, the impact of the loss is still heartbreaking…. similar to how we feel about Christ’s death even tho he rose from the grave


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