teenFish#5: Believing the UNBELIEVABLE

Welcome to teenFish, a podcast series that lets teenagers speak about media that matters to them in their own voice. Hosted by Daniel Collins (Infinity Warm-Up), teenFish will air the last Sunday of every month and invite local youth to engage the truth and lies of the shows and films that excite them.

This month, Daniel introduce a new series called ‘One and Done’ as they decide whether or not a new series is bingeworthy based on the opening episodes.

Netflix’s new limited series Unbelievable tells the story of Marie, an 18-year-old woman who is sexually assaulted in her apartment. As she makes her report to the police, there are those who remain unconvinced of her story as she seeks justice for the trauma that she’s experienced. This month, Daniel welcomes Jacob to talk about the show’s portrayal of sexual assault, loving the victim, and wading through the media’s sex-craved culture.

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