Strike Back – The Complete Fifth Season: Blu-ray Giveaway!

Strike Back: The Complete Fifth Season comes built with the same high-intensity as past seasons, ?…Strike Back makes its triumphant return…? (TV Guide), with a new, fierce group of male and female soldiers, including Sergeant Thomas ?Mac? McAllister (Warren Brown, The Dark Knight Rises), Sergeant Samuel Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson, Infini), Lance Corporal Gracie Novan (Alin Sumarwatta, Burning Man) and Captain Natalie Reynolds (Roxanne McKee, Game of Thrones, Crossfire), to help track down a notorious terrorist after a brutal prison break.

Who is your favorite?Strike Back?alumnus? Comment below with your choice and we’ll enter you to win a free Blu-ray copy of the fifth season. (You must have a mailing address in the contiguous United States.)

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