SF Radio 9.04: Ending Evil in HALLOWEEN ENDS

BOO! It’s the Halloween season and that brings us HALLOWEEN ENDS, the climactic (?) film of a franchise that has spanned for over 40 years. In the grand finale, 4 years after the disappearance of Michael Myers, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has decided to share her story as a way to deal with her grief. But, as she says, “evil never dies, it only changes shape”… This week, horror mavens Allen Chabot and Catherine Erskine (with a shoutout to newbie Delsean Haywood) have a killer conversation about wrapping up trilogies, the infection of evil and how to stop the bleeding.

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Want to continue to conversation at home? ?Click the link below to download ?Fishing for More? ? some small group questions for you to bring to those in your area.

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