Running with Violet: Reckless Abandon (Your Life)

Airing on YouTube,?Running with Violet is a web series that tells the story of two women who are in desperate need of a ?girls weekend?. Stuck between motherhood and the horrible men in their lives, Miranda (Marie-Claire Marcotte) and Jolene (Rebecca Davey) feel the open road calling for a weekend of freedom and spiritual refreshment (even if that means that Miranda will have to bring her young daughter with them). However, when an accident results in tragedy, their plans unravel completely, leading these unsuspecting women into a life of murder, drugs and crime.

Created by Davey and Marcotte,?Violet is a fun ride, providing a surprising amount of energy as the unwitting criminals run wildly through the criminal underworld. Due to the popularity of series such as Netflix?s?Good Girls,?Ozark, and?AMC’s legendary Breaking Bad, shows about ?nice people gone bad? have become more common in recent years. However, as both lead stars and creators of the popular web series, Marcotte and Davey have an amazing amount of creative control over their product and, as a result, the show is filled with their own unique brand of dark humour. What?s more, both leads have solid chemistry that makes the show work, especially as their lives begin to spiral increasingly out of control.

With the coming release of season two, the series picks up shortly after the events of the previous season with the two women finally taking time away in Miami to relax and ?find themselves?. Then, after a seemingly chance encounter with a mysterious young woman, they soon find themselves in the middle of yet another unexpected world of crime and intrigue. Unlike the previous episodes, however, the women seem much more self-aware and confident than when we first meet them in season one. Having come to grips with her sexuality, Miranda is much more willing to take risks with self-assurance. Meanwhile, after their dalliances with crime, Jolene seems wiser and more alert of potential danger. As such, the series demonstrates the thin line between taking responsibility for one?s life and living recklessly. Through the journeys of Jolene and Miranda, one witnesses how making compromises can lead us further from the road of integrity than one ever intended and the consequences associated with that. Even so, despite their growth, both women also somehow maintain their innocence and inherent good nature. Unlike other shows of this nature, they continue to seek for self-fulfillment, security and happiness and have yet to entirely fall from grace? yet.

In the end,?Running with Violet is a fun journey down the criminal rabbit hole. Featuring endearing and energetic performances by it?s leads, the series balances out intensity and humour well. (Plus, it?s YouTube platform allows for genuine independent fire and creativity.) In short,Violetis one series worth running to.

For full audio of our interview with creator and star Marie-Claire Marcotte, click here.

Running with Violet returns to its life of crime on YouTube on July 15th, 2019

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