Rememory: What Do You Remember?

For anyone who was unclear about the greatness of Peter Dinklage,?Game of Thrones?seems to have crushed the remaining doubts. But since?The Station Agent, his roles in film have been mostly peripheral (Xmen: Days of Future Past?might be the exception). Now, in?Rememory, Dinklage leads us on a science fiction lark that has plenty to ask us about the mind and how our memories work.

Mark Palansky wrote and directed this sci-fi thriller about Sam Bloom (Dinklage), who steals the invention of his recently deceased friend, Gordon Dunn (Martin Donovan). Using this machine, he is able to browse through his memories and investigate his death through pursuing the people who appear in Dunn’s memories.

Unfortunately, the drama never completely explores exactly what would change if we knew each other’s memories, or what would matter if we saw how things were rather than how they were perceived.

Special features include audio commentary with the writer/director and Dinklage, as well as the featurette “The Memories We Keep.”

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