Prince Movie Collection


Prince’s death puts a note of finality on the established career of the musician (and actor) who delighted millions and impacted the way that musicians cross over into the acting realm. With his 1984 drama?Purple Rain, Prince stablished himself as a force to be reckoned with musically and on screen. This is the launching point for Warner Bros.’?Prince Movie Collection, which adds in the unofficial ‘sequel’,?Graffiti Bridge?(1990) and?Under the Cherry Moon?(1986) for good measure.

The best-known film in the trilogy is, of course,?Purple Rain, which won the Academy Award for Best Original Song Score. Playing “The Kid,” Prince portrayed a young man who escaped his troublesome home life by fronting the Minneapolis-based band The Revolution. Up and down through band strife and personal struggle, especially with The Time’s Morris Day, The Kid ends up recognizing that while life would be easier on his own, he is actually someone that the populace looks to for inspiration and leadership.

Before revisiting The Kid character in?Graffiti Bridge, Prince directed and starred in Becky Johnston’s script about two gigolo brothers who woo the same heiress (Kristin Scott Thomas). Another The Time’s musician, Jerome Benton, stars opposite Prince as the other brother. Hardly a black and white success, the film sang its way into Prince’s fans’ hearts but not his critics.

Returning to Minneapolis, Prince’s The Kid seeks to establish himself, while wrestling with Day again, who co-owns Glam Slam, a club. In the end, The Kid challenges Day to a battle – musically – to determine the fate of the club.

With a series of special features that take the audience behind the scenes of The Purple One’s world, the?Prince Movie Collection?is a high definition transfer that will delight the fans of Prince everywhere.

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