Magnum P.I. (2018) – Season One: Ethics on the Island

Not another remake! That was my cry of frustration after already getting sucked into the remakes of MacGuyver and SWAT. While the first one will enter 2020 in its fourth season as a midseason replacement, and the third was re-upped in May, both of them seemed to re-invent the expression of their older versions. Magnum P.I. seemed too by-the-book with Jay Hernandez in the place of Tom Selleck, who was already doing just fine on another CBS show, Blue Bloods. But the Herandez-headed remake is more charming than you might expect.

The remake reworked Higgins as a woman, spinning Perdita Weeks’ Juliet from John Hillerman’s Jonathan. Otherwise, Rick Wright (Zachary Knighton), TC Calvin (Stephen Hill), and the Dobermans Zeus and Apollo remain the same, as does the pilot. But when things get cooking, Hernandez and his diverse colleagues show that any show on Hawaii can carry a certain panache with it.

Fast cars, bullets, quick-flying quips, beautiful background, and a private investigator with a heart of gold. That’s what makes the remake sing, and it’s definitely light, breezy entertainment that will make for good viewing this summer. Check it out on DVD or Digital.

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