Justice League Trailer – Who is Alfred Talking To?

On the heels of another Comic-Con come and gone, one of the biggest trailers revealed was the trailer for Justice League. Hoping to keep the momentum of Wonder Woman, the trailer showed a ton of action and, of course, our first look at the villain, Steppenwolf. Still, truth be told, all the action made it look like everything they’ve released before and yet another road down Batman v Superman (with an added humor of the Flash).

The first thing worth noting is thehope that Wonder Woman will continue to be front and center and not cast off to the side among the boys club. With the addition of Joss Whedon to finish the film, hopefully his touch of strong female characters will shines through in this film.

However, as I watched the trailer again, I couldn’t help but start pondering as to who Alfred is talking to at the end. The obvious person is the much anticipated return of Superman. It’s no secret that he plays a pivotal role in the last arc of the film. ?But, if that’s the case, why hint in a secretive way? Does Whedon think we haven’t figured out that Superman will be in it, or maybe it is someone else?

Here’s my theory:

The secret character is Green Lantern (which one we won’t find out till then) and the reason to keep him secret is simple, they messed up with him the first time around. The question you may ask is why do I think it is?

  1. Whedon made sure to include the Lanterns in the narration of Steppenwolf. “No Lanterns, no Kryptonian” I don’t believe it is a simple easter egg to promote the Lantern Corps movie they will be working on. This was done with a purpose.
  2. One of the biggest mistakes Snyder did with BvS is that he failed to make Batman the great detective that we know he is. His lack of knowledge on Clark?and Krypton (in the comics, Batman would have figured that out on his own) leads us to believe that it doesn’t make sense that Batman would know that Superman would come back. Now he could have done some work, but the fact that the only other dead Kryptonian they had as evidence needed to be resurrected into some monster would leave us to believe that there is nothing in what Lex discovered about Kryptonians (Batman’s source to kryptonite) would have yielded him the information to know that Superman wasn’t dead.
  3. We know that Batman discovered and did is research on the upcoming threat from Darkseid and Apokolips. In that research, it is safe to assume that he came across information about the Lanterns as strong opponents to Darkseid’s forces. In that research, he may have also discovered of a recent dead alien and kept in a government research facility with a lantern symbol. Through this, he could find a way to send a message to Oa and alert the Lanterns of the danger coming to Earth.
  4. Lastly, the early promotions for Justice League was “Unite the Seven” and we only see five in the trailer. We know Superman is for sure number six….so who’s number seven? The obvious choice is a Lantern.

Obviously, this is just a theory, but it is one to make you think. Hopefully, the reveal remains hidden until the actual film comes out.

Here’s the trailer again, give it a look and let us know if you agree, disagree or what theories you may have?

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