How (Not) to Talk About Our Faith: Elon Musk, Bob Saget & The Babylon Bee


What happens when culturejacking by Christians goes wrong?

In the Season 4 debut episode of the Your Sunday Drive podcast, we look at a controversial recent Babylon Bee interview with Elon Musk and an article about the passing of Bob Saget, and attempt to answer some perennially important questions: Where’s the line between making the gospel relevant and staying faithful to it? Why is it sometimes difficult to talk about our faith in a vulnerable way? Ultimately, what can we do to help match the most important message the world has ever heard with the ears that still need to hear it?

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Come along for Your Sunday Drive – quick conversation about current events, politics, pop culture and more, from the perspective of a couple of guys trying to follow Jesus.

Hosts: Matt Hill and Nate Polzin. Presented by the Church in Drive of Saginaw, MI, as often as possible. Please visit and

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