HotDocs ’22: Delikado

If a tree falls in their forest, the people of Palawan would know about it.

Directed by Karl Malakunas, Delikado is a fascinating examination of the relationship of a culture to its environment. As the government refuses to deal with illegal environmental raiders, the locals of Palawan have taken up the cause for themselves. Willing to step into literal crosshairs to protect their forest, crusaders such as Bobby Chan risk their lives daily in an effort to stand up to this unique form of piracy. By peacefully removing and disassembling chainsaws from illegal loggers, Chan and his band of rebels are willing to risk their lives in order to save their diminishing resources.

Set against the stunning forests of the island of Palawan in the Philippines, local residents understand the responsibility that they have to protect their natural world. However, their reasons extend far beyond the beauty of nature. Instead, for Chan and his team, their desire to protect of the forests stems from a deeply rooted spiritual sense of responsibility to take care of our world. Believing that God has called them to do so, these environmental crusaders willingly risk their lives to prevent illegal logging in the face of danger. Their understanding of faith directly relates to their connection with their environment and world, driving them into action.

For these renegade land protectors, this is not about money or self-interest. Instead, this is their spiritual calling. 

Even as their brothers and sisters are persecuted or killed for their role in the rebellion, they continue to fight. Their beliefs and spiritual passion take precedence over their willingness to live in safety. What?s more, as pressure continues to mount and the political demons begin to show themselves, their commitment to their cause continues to empower them to fight for their forests, no matter the cost.

Delikado?is now playing at HotDocs ?22. For screening information, click here.

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