Do We Need Another Pirates of the Caribbean? Dead Men Tell No Tales Trailers

Jerry Bruckheimer has done it again. But is it really necessary? Will Dead Men Tell No Tales enhance the franchise, or just extend the misery many fans have expressed?

For me, the trailers look promising. Bruckheimer has said he wanted to breathe new life into the franchise, and it appears the new directors,?Joachim R?nning and Espen Sandberg, may be giving us something worth watching.?Jeff Nathanson and?Terry Rossio have written a screenplay which explores the backstory of Jack Sparrow (reprised by Johnny Depp). Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem) is on a mission of revenge against Sparrow, who somehow bested (and cursed) Salazar in Jack’s younger days.

The movie will feature?other new characters. Henry Turner, who is enlisted by Salazar to find Jack, is apparently the son of Will and Elizabeth. Taking on the female lead is?Kaya Scodelario portraying Carina Smyth, who proclaims herself a “woman of science” in the trailer. Her disbelief in the supernatural reminds me of Elizabeth not believing in ghost stories in the first movie, The Curse of the Black Pearl.?Such?scepticism is sure to give this reviewer something to write about.

Dead Men comes out in theaters this Memorial Day weekend, and yours truly will be reviewing each of the previous movies here on Screenfish before Pirates 5 comes out. Be looking for them!

For now, you can enjoy the trailers for the new film, embedded below.

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