Do Christian Movies Suck?

Your Sunday Drive Podcast

Is there a quality problem with faith-based, “Christian” movies? Is the “Christian” vs. “secular” distinction always helpful when it comes to media? What makes good art anyway? And what’s it for?

In this episode of the Your Sunday Drive podcast, we unpack this topic in a wide-ranging conversation that covers some specific titles, such as Fleabag, The Americans, God’s Not Dead and The Passion of the Christ.

We land in a place which, we hope, affirms the good intentions of many faith-based films, while also acknowledging a higher standard for art *and* the value of “secular” media for bringing spiritual meanings to light.

Also in this episode: Doubt vs. Faith in the Christian life, substantial quoting from a couple source articles, +10 for a random Marshall McLuhan reference, a story about a near-fight in a theatre, Nate shows up a prof, and more! 🙂

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