Color Out of Space: Sci-Fi Horror Never Quite Lands

By Johnathan Stowe

As a sci-fi horror movie, Color Out of Space has some rough edges and could be looked at by some as a silly and bizarre movie. Is this movie worth seeing? I personally think that it deserves a watch. 

Written and directed by Richard Stanley (The Otherworld), Color Out of Space tells the story of Nathan Gardner (Nicholas Cage) and his family who live in a remote county side area. Nathan lives with his wife Theresa, his oldest sons Benny and Jack, and his daughter Lavinia. Benny really cares for animals and even helps to take care of the Alpacas and other livestock around the farm. His sister, Lavinia, is a rebellious teen who is done with her family, constantly listening to rock music and performing necromancy. The youngest, Jack is a young and mysterious boy who likes to draw. When a meteorite crashes down on the Gardner?s property, it seems to alter time as the kids are frozen from what they are doing and, eventually, acting in bizarre ways. (At one point, the effects of the alien even cause one character to cut their fingers off without realizing it.) 

Color Out of Space speaks to the issue of global warming and climate change. From Ward?s narration in the opening credits to the alien affect on the livestock and drinking water, the film pushes for an interesting discussion on how we should protect our planet before we infect it and destroy everything we love. Because of the alien attack, the damage affected everything from mutated people and animals to the tainting of vegetation. (In fact, even the source of water becomes contaminated, turning everyone that drinks it into mind-controlled slaves.) Though the alien (or the ?Color? mentioned in the title) is the infection within the film, the destruction it causes also speaks to the potential for our own ability to ruin our world in the future.

In other movies of this genre, it?s common for the audience to emotionally connect with either the family effected or the ?lone survivor? but, unfortunately, Space doesn?t do it. After everything that happens, there simply isn?t much that connects you with the characters. While the movie starts off well, the script becomes a mess halfway through, veering off in ways that confuse the audience. The storyline doesn?t allow the audience to connect with these characters. However, one good thing about the movie is the visuals. Filled with wild images such as mutated people, a hydra-like alpaca and more, the visuals in the film are on point and makes you feel sick to your stomach, which works in a film like this. (It?s also appropriate that a movie called Color Out of Space would feature breathtaking colors and the film?s special effects are also very beautiful.)

Wild and crazy, Color Out of Space is definitely a movie for all Nicolas Cage fans to see. Even though the story doesn?t always work, the visuals are beautiful and disgusting (when they need to be).

Color Out of Space?is in theatres now.

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