Bull – The Third Season

At Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC), Dr. Jason Bull (Anthony DiNozzo, I mean, Michael Weatherly) leads a crack team of trial experts through the psychology and evaluation of potential jurors. He’s surrounded by people who are good at what they do but who have varying degrees of personal connection to him, like his ex-brother-in-law Benny Colon (Freddy Rodriguez), ex-lover Marissa Morgan (Geneva Carr), and client prep expert Chunk Palmer (Christopher Jackson).

In the third season (with the fourth debuting soon on CBS), Bull and company wrestle with:

-his return from a heart attack at the end of season two;

-Bull’s own service on a jury;

-The death of Cable, in an accident;

-Bull’s romantic and professional relationship with Diane Lindsay (Jill Flint).

Through it all, he and his team wrestle with the ethical ramifications of their decisions, and the big life questions from their brushes with death and their losses in relationship. It’s certainly episodic, but the third season doesn’t hold back in diving into what makes them tick and how they respond to the curveballs of life.

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