Blindspot – The Complete Third Season: More Tattoos, More Secrets

TV premieres will always have the need to hook the audience from the opening frames to engage them for ratings and word-of-mouth publicity. Leaving a woman in a body bag naked and covered with tattoos in the middle of Time Square certainly has that kind of power – like the openers to?Lost,?The Following,?Game of Thrones – and it raises the bar for subsequent episodes and seasons. In the third season of?Blindspot,?the creators take us on another wild ride, thanks to a two-year fastforward between the second and third seasons. New mysteries and tattoos await!

I don’t want to give too much away – because this is just too much fun – but the first season reveals that Weller (Sullivan Stapleton,?Strike Back) and Jane (Jaime Alexander) were married (happily), but an outside attack drove them apart. Jane’s brother, Roman (Luke Mitchell), shows up again with a vengeance, and the terrorist organization Sandstorm continues to create problems for the team. Oh, and there are new tattoos revealed on a deeper level than the previous surface skin ones which lead the crew on their season three adventures?and?threaten to reveal secrets people have been keeping.

Blindspot?keeps the audience guessing while also slowly revealing more of those who support our newlyweds, like Tasha Zapata and Patterson. It’s a delicate dance, balancing the need to reveal more while also pushing the team through adventures together. The new Kate/Weller dynamic adds another layer, which will certainly be examined more in the upcoming fourth season.

Special features on the DVD collection include the gag reel and deleted scenes, as well as the featurette “Surveillance on Set: Agent Zapata.”

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