Avengers: Age of Ultron – Things Man Shouldn’t Meddle In


It’s hard to believe that when our site started, Avengers: Age of Ultron was the kickoff. It seems so long ago but here we are with the digital and Blu-Ray releases of Marvel Studios’ flagship franchise. Although it did not garner the same excitement or box office success as the first film, it was still?the monster of a blockbuster that people expected. Though it received mixed reviews, I think Marvel and director Joss Whedon did an excellent job again,?bringing a big ensemble together and yet keeping it?grounded. There is a lot going on and one can get lost at times, but the overall scope of things brings you a cinematic and visual adventure.

I don’t have the Blu-Ray yet but the digital does come with some bonus content. I will assume it is mostly the same as the Blu-Ray. There is a gag reel, some deleted scenes, and also a “world traveled” part that shows the different filming locations. The interesting parts are two bonus features that show how Marvel’s films are connected as well as a deeper explanation on the infinity gems. With Marvel heading toward?Infinity War, those who don’t know about them get some information and backstory on them as as Thanos. It isn’t long and definitely worth the watch.

Seeing this film again, I was able to latch on to one aspect of it this time. In the very beginning when Tony Stark recovers Loki’s staff, he begins to examine it with Banner. Stark is set on reaching?a scientific achievement, asking, What if they can make an artificial intelligence? Banner warns him of all the proper channels one would have to go through, but Stark tells him, “they will just tell me that I shouldn’t meddle in things like this”. The reality is, that this is correct. His heart was in the right place but his brain seems to fail him more than help him. It’s why Scarlett Witch allowed him to go off, because she knew that he couldn’t help himself. As soon as he meddles with things that he should leave alone, evil enters in the form of Ultron with his?goal to destroy everything.

It’s interesting that Ultron would set himself up?in a church and reference God, because the similarities there?take me back to the Garden of Eden. Man and Woman were tricked into meddling with things they should have left alone and the result was that sin entered the world to destroy us. And, just like Ultron, no matter the power we can possess, we can’t do it alone. The Avengers could not beat Ultron alone, because they needed a savior. It’s interesting how Vision even saw mankind. He tells Ultron that although we have all these faults, there is grace in us. He saw beyond the mess, into a deeper part of mankind’s soul. Isn’t that how Jesus sees us? He looks beyond our mess and seeks to redeem us.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is available now both in stores and for digital download.


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