3.23 Revving up CARS 3

This week, Steve welcomes Alan Sharrer to talk about CARS 3, Pixar’s return to the world of… well… cars! ?Lightning McQueen is slowing down and feeling the pressure to retire but does he have one last race in him? ?The guys talk about the power of mentoring, legacy and personal value. ?PLUS, their kids weigh in with their thoughts as well!

Want to continue to conversation at home? ?Click the link below to download ?Fishing for More? ? some small group questions for you to bring to those in your area.

3.23 Cars 3

A special thanks to Alan, Kaitlyn and Anders for joining us on the show!

2 thoughts on “3.23 Revving up CARS 3

  1. Thank you for the heads up on the spoilers!! I have paused. Really want to see this movie and I am interested to see what you and the kids thought about it. Thanks for the podcast.

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