WandaVision Episode 3: It’s a Colorful Life

For what it?s worth, I?m not a Marvel super fan or anything. I haven?t read the comics, I don?t know the backstories, and I?m often dependent on the kindness and knowledge of internet strangers that can point me to all of the Easter Eggs that I typically miss.?

So, in a somewhat bizarre way, I think this may make me an ideal audience for WandaVision. If anything, it has my husband intrigued, and he?s not one to show interest in well?any kind of movie or series? So, what is it about the newest series streaming from Disney+ that has the two of us so entranced – along with the other million viewers? If we aren?t Marvel ?super-viewers? how can we be the right fit for such a concept as WandaVision?

For the first two episodes it was obvious – the nostalgia. We both grew up with old Nick-at-Nite shows so the subtleties and throwbacks to our childhood evenings got us to sit down in the first place. Drawing us in was actually pretty easy. And because of that, we are absolutely hooked. Maybe it?s because we really don?t know what to expect. Since we don?t know all the tips and tricks of the MCU upfront, it?s really easy to keep us engaged. Now while waiting last week for episode 3, I of course did some digging to learn more about the little Marvel-esque moments and hints dispersed throughout, which helped ground me into the nuance of the story of Wanda?s abilities and her relationship with Vision. And my theories developed. I?ve gone from engaged to entranced.

And then this week?s episode 3 threw me a bit. I thought I knew who was controlling whom and now I?m not so sure. Glitches, awkward dialogue and interactions, and Wanda?s increasing awareness of something ?out there,? are leading me down a new direction. And I?m not sure if it will be as colorful as the psychedelic and groovy updates WandaVision gave us this week.

However, I do know this. With its blend of sitcom humor and Marvel wonder, WandaVision, like its lead couple, is unlike anything I?ve seen. And if it can get my reticent husband to ask ?when does the next episode come out,? I think?s fair game that with this show, Disney+ and Marvel are now reaching a previously untapped audience.

WandaVision‘s first three episodes are now streaming on Disney+.

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